Cyprus lies at the crossroads of three continents, where East meets West and a new experience awaits for you under the sun every day.  Relaxing in the sun is not the only reason to visit Cyprus. There's a myriad of activities you could indulge in. Inviting beaches, and breathtaking mountain trails await you, discover the magic of the underwater world by snorkelling or diving in the warm crystal clear seas that can be enjoyed all the year round, or enjoy coastal cruising and deep-water fishing. Both poets and travellers past have praised the flavours of the island. Choose from a friendly taverna, restaurant or bar to end the day. Select a classical Cypriot dish or one from the four corners of the earth.  Sun-ripened fresh fruit and vegetables, high-protein fish, olive oil and wine are all healthy options as well as irresistible temptations from the bakery.  Experience at first hand one of the oldest civilisations of the Mediterranean, one that goes back 10,000 years.

 2 Bedroom villa  in a quiet location close to the beach at Larnaca Bay between Larnaca and Dekhelia. Ideal for a relaxing holiday in the sun or for travelling to other parts of Cyprus by car or using the local bus service. The convenient location and ease of access to other areas has made the house popular with visitors who are considering buying a property.


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